Defining your destiny

The Learning Channel has defined the standards of excellence for over 30 years, and is committed to providing quality education for all learners, parents and teachers in accordance with South Africa’s education policies. We deliver curriculum-based lessons in the core subjects to Foundation Phase and FET learners and their facilitators through our readers, education supplements and DVDs.

The Learning Channel’s content is developed by highly qualified and experienced teachers and undergoes stringent checks to ensure accuracy, quality and CAPS compliance.
Our Reading For Fun Foundation Phase Programme is designed for learning in Grades R-3, while the highly sought-after Essentials and Exam Walk ranges cater for Grade 10-12 learning in a number of critical subjects.
We will continue to strive to increase accessibility of quality learning material and to improve opportunities for future generations.

Foundation phase introduction

Learning Channel recognises that literacy and numeracy, are the most essential and basic skills that each child should learn at school.
The Read with us! series is a CAPS compliant Literacy Programme for Grades R, 1, 2 and 3, which is which is fun, interactive and comprehensive.
The content of the DVDs, Readers and Playbooks covers fundamental learning such as phonics, the alphabet, letter and sound recognition, rhymes and fine motor development. It includes skills such as picking the odd one out, identifying objects that are the same, basic numeracy skills such as counting and positioning, eye-hand co-ordination, tracing, and colouring.
The content also addresses social issues such as the environment, gender equality, social interaction, helping, greeting, being polite and sharing.

Each complete set consists of:

  •  1 Literacy Guide
  •  1 DVD
  • 4 Readers
  •  1 Playbook

Components can also be purchased individually as they are excellent stand-alone resources.

Essentials DVDs and print ranges

The Grade 10, 11 & 12 Essentials consists of a sharp, short DVD that is perfect as a revision tool just before examinations. An excellent refresher of selected concepts covered during the year.
The print range is a 48 page tabloid newspaper that contains a selection of concepts covered in the DVD range.

Exam Walkthru DVD’s and Print ranges

On each DVD, a highly qualified teacher of the particular subject will “walk the viewer thru” a sample exam paper (which has been prepared to look as much like the end-of-year paper as possible). The DVD shows the teacher clearly demonstrating, step-by-step, the methodology required and the best way to achieve the correct answers. This sample paper will provide valuable practice for sitting in examinations and will help the viewer understand the requirements for answering exam questions in the correct format in order to achieve the best results. The print range is a tabloid newspaper that contains the exam paper and memorandum in a Q & A style