Grade 10 Essentials Life Science


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In Grade 10 Essentials: Life Sciences you will be working with an experienced Life Sciences teacher who will take you through the whole CAPS compliant Life Sciences curriculum step-by-step. In each concept you will be taught all the necessary facts about a topic. You will also find a comprehensive Question and Answer section where the presenter will show you how to approach the different kinds of questions you may find in the examination and how to interpret and answer these questions.

The following topics are fully covered:

  • Introduction to Life Sciences
  • Inorganic compounds, fertilisers
  • Organic compounds
  • Food tests
  • Enzymes
  • The basic Unit of life: Microscope
  • Osmosis
  • The basic unit of life: Cytoplasm
  • Mitosis
  • Introduction to meristematic tissue, permanent tissue
  • Parenchyma, chlorenchyma
  • Introduction to animal tissue & epithelium tissue
  • Connective tissue - areolar, fibrous, cartilage
  • Cancer
  • Leaf structure
  • Root
  • Stem
  • Transport & support system
  • Transpiration
  • Axial & appendicular skeleton functions
  • Long bone joints
  • Heart structure, cardiac cycle
  • Circulation
  • Lymph
  • Biosphere Biomes
  • Abiotic factors
  • Biotic Factors
  • Nutrient Cycles
  • Ecotourism
  • Classification Schemes
  • Life's History
  • Geological Time
  • Cambrian Explosions
  • Fossils
  • Impact of Humans & Fossil Tourism


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