Grade 12 Exam WalkThru English FAL Paper 1



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On this DVD, a highly qualified Grade 12 English teacher will “walk you thru” a sample English First Additional Language Paper 1 exam paper (which has been prepared to look as much like your end-of-year paper as possible). The DVD shows the teacher taking you through the exemplar paper and clearly demonstrating, step-by-step, the methodology required and the best way to achieve the correct answers. Of course the paper is not an exact replica – you will only know what your final papers look like when you see them in the exam room! Even so, this sample paper will give you valuable practice in sitting examinations and will help you to understand the requirements for answering exam questions in the correct format in order to achieve the best results. And, as we all know, every bit of practice helps. Bonus features

1. Food for Thought: Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during exams.
2. Study Skills: Tips on study techniques, procedures and healthy study environments.
3. Beat Exam Stress: Tips on remaining focused and mentally prepared during your exams.
4. Ultimate Survival Guide: Specific questions asked by Grade 12s preparing for exams and tips to get you through the exam process.
5. Famous Last Words: Inspiring words from some of South Africa’s favourite celebrities.


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